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Who We are

RUSH Energy Drink is a product of Rush Drinks Caribbean Ltd, which is a subsidiary of RSCF Ltd (UK). Rush Drinks Caribbean is the sole distributor for Rush Energy Drink in the Caribbean. Rush Drinks Caribbean is a business founded on the principle that a business should be operated to bring about joy and happiness in your life. The Rush brand prides itself on being suitable for today’s modern and everyday lifestyle. For the Caribbean lifestyle, Rush will transcend the key branding messages that are synonymous with the aspiring and the inspiring individuals.Rush is the smoother tasting energy drink which enhances a vibrant, ambitious and sleek lifestyle and keeps you awake for life’s ups and downs so that you are always at your best…

What do we do?

Rush Energy Drink initiative is to be on all the major events across the Caribbean. We intend to associate ourselves with both local and international events with our own brand name Rush Energy Drink.Our mission is to continue the distribution of Rush Energy Drink across the Caribbean and the UK with the same pride and enthusiasm as when we first started. And to be associated with entertainment events, parties, artistes, product launches and musical events at the highest level to bring people from different backgrounds, gender and race together, in a fun-filled sociable atmosphere, to incorporate events with charitable organizations so others can benefit from our fun and enjoyable moments. We are the purveyors of probably the world’s greatest energy drink served with some of the finest entertainment events the world has been waiting for. You don’t have to rush to get a rush, we give you the RUSH.

Morning Rush

The Caribbean morning sun produces two kinds of people, those who dread the morning and those who live for it, whichever you are Rush Energy Drink is the perfect way to kick start your day. RUSH delivers a deeply satisfying taste specifically designed to infuse your morning with lasting refreshment, clarity of mind – and a turbo boost to get your day off to a great start.

Afternoon Rush

You skipped breakfast for whatever reason, you’re about to enter the office, go out on the track/field to prepare for training or simply heading for the beach to relax in the sun. You don’t have to do it alone, Rush energy drink is that perfect companion – tall, sleek and stylish – the can goes where you go. Rush energy drink is the perfect fit for your lifestyle – impressive, vibrant and smooth.

Evening /Late-night Rush

Rush Energy Drink is regarded around the world as a premium energy drink with that smooth tasting flavour that people love. From the red carpet to the after party goers and the club hoppers, Rush Energy Drink delivers clean energy that drives late night performance. Give yourself the edge to make the moment last – you never know what the night will bring but whatever it is enjoy the RUSH.